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Castle! I think that was my favourite episode so far. There were so many bits that set me a-squeeing with their awesomeness.

One thing I didn't catch til my second viewing* was that the fact that the victim was bisexual wasn't commented on, wasn't made a joke of and wasn't the reason he was murdered. It was just there. NCIS? Take notes please.

I have missed that coat.

Alexis: Hey
Castle: I was just trying on my halloween costume
Alexis: What exactly are you suppposed to be?
Castle: Space cowboy
Alexis: OK, A - there are no cows in space, and B - didn't you wear that five years ago?
Castle: So?
Alexis: So don't you think you should move on?
Castle: I like it!

I love these two together so much. One thing I'm really happy with, is that this season they're dialing back the whole Alexis parents Castle thing. It's still there to a degree, she's still the most responsible one in the family, she still acts far more mature than Castle and Martha most of the time, but they're allowing Castle to be a competent father a lot more this season.

Castle: Yes you can go. But... If anything happens that makes you feel uncomfortable, anything at all. You call me. I don't care what it is. There will be no punishments, no recriminations. Nothing. I promise. So long as you call.

And then she does call, (after an interlude, where the psych† offers to take Castle away at the same time as porphyria red herring suspect) and when they get back to the apartment we get a very rare, but awesome glimpse of Castle using Dad Voice. I approve of Dad Voice.

Castle: Reminds me of early Frank Miller
Beckett: Which Frank? Epic Comic or Dark Horse years?
Castle: Oh My God! That is the sexiest thing I have ever heard you say. I had no idea you were interested in comic books.
Beckett: Oh Castle, the things you don't know about me could fill a book.

And Castle give Beckett the bird, Beckett egg sat for Alexis, Ryan's open minded but draws the line at having sex in coffins, Esposito is hot, Lanie kicks ass all the time she is on screen, (always needs more Lanie) and I just love this show so so much. (You smell like cherries. ❤)

And briefly in non-Castle related news -

I've just got an app for my iPhone called Best Camera‡, and have been playing around with it. The camera is the one part I don't like about the iPhone - it's shit, especially as my phone before had a 5 megapixel camera with a Carl Ziess(sp?) lens. But I quite like some of the effects you can get with this app. You can see some of the results I got with it at my Best Camera Gallery. My favourite I've taken so far is this picture of the Second Severn Crossing.

We watched the first episode of Little Mosque on the Prairie. And apart from the fact I have huge difficulties spelling Prairie, I loved it. So painfully funny. I'm going to leave off talking more about it until I watched more, but can someone point me towards the fic?

Dreamwidth now allows email posting for all account types and have up'd icon limits across the board...

...whilst LJ fails in it's news post.

Lastly, who's on GoogleWave? I need more people to talk to.

* OK so I've watched it three times since Tuesday. Shut up, I was clipping. ;-)
† I really like Doctor Holloway, can he come back?
‡ The best camera is the one you have with you.

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Date: 2009-10-30 10:59 pm (UTC)
wishfulaces: (mostly harmless)
From: [personal profile] wishfulaces
OMG the fanservice! The beautiful fanservice! The Firefly ref worked surprisingly well for me because they sustained it, weirdly enough, all the way through visiting the murder scene.

And yes, Dad Voice was totally awesome.

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Date: 2009-10-30 11:10 pm (UTC)
azurelunatic: A glittery black pin badge with a blue holographic star in the middle. (Default)
From: [personal profile] azurelunatic
I am enwaved!

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Date: 2009-10-31 04:32 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Ryan's open minded but draws the line at having sex in coffins,

I missed that! I was catching all the Jossverse references, but that one's to "Homicide, Life on the Streets;" Tim Bayliss, who was bisexual (and had terrible luck with both sexes) had a girlfriend called Emma Zoole (played by Lauren Tom) who was if not a frank necrophiliac, at least too Goth for her owngood, and liked having sex in coffins.

Julia, very fannish show, it is

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Date: 2009-11-03 12:28 pm (UTC)
noracharles: (Default)
From: [personal profile] noracharles
If you have extra, I'd love to have one. I saw the wave presentation on youtube, and it looked really cool, much more convenient for shared docs and communication than google docs is. (Or "fucking google docs", as we affectionately call it.)

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Date: 2009-11-03 12:27 pm (UTC)
noracharles: (Default)
From: [personal profile] noracharles
Those... those jokes are funny! I might have to rethink watching Castle. [personal profile] ximeria has been pimping it to me, but I associate Nathan Fillion very strongly with poking eyes out and drilling people in the head with power tools, and that's kind of a hurdle for me.

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Date: 2009-11-03 05:28 pm (UTC)
noracharles: (Default)
From: [personal profile] noracharles
Augh, sorry for bringing back bad memories.

It does sound like fun! And let's face it, it's not like we can watch any current genre show and avoid fail.


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