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OK, my son's friend just insulted my son by calling him Ed Milliband.

Calling him Gordon Brown wasn't apparently so much of an insult, but because "when Gordon Brown was trying to be the Prime Minister he knocked on lots of people's doors, and yesterday O knocked on my door."

Eleven year old boy logic.


Dec. 27th, 2011 10:56 am
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Mum just wandered into the kitchen where Doug and I were gazing at the TV in horror at the ancient fashions in the old movie that was playing.

"Oh, is that The Kings Speech?"

The movie was King Ralph.
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What are you using for fleas? We used to use Frontline, but ever since it stopped being sold exclusively in vets, we've found it's not as effective.

And it's not so much for the cats, who really don't seem that bothered by them, but for Doug and Rebecca who are allergic to the bites and are currently covered in welts. We're vacuuming as often as possible, and are treating soft furnishings etc, but when the cats keep on getting reinfected, it's all a bit pointless.

5 Years On

Jan. 29th, 2011 02:36 pm
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I wasn't able to mark the day yesterday, but I've been thinking a lot recently how much Dad would have loved the Talgarth Mill project I'm now working on. (Of course he would be telling me how we're all doing it wrong, but that was how he showed his interest in something. ;-) )

Click to view set at Flickr

John Cornwell 4th April 1934 to 28th January 2006

I still miss you Dad.

PS Fuck You to the publisher who decided to reprint his books without a) asking Mum's permission or informing her, or b) paying her the royalties. The fact they went into receivership is small compensation.
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It was Mum's Seventieth last week, and on Saturday we had a party for her. Because she's a nightmare to buy for, and we don't have a lot of money to buy stuff anyway, I offered to make her cake.

For some I-want-to-give-myself-a-nervous-breakdown reason, I thought, 'Hey one of Mum's passions is Bell Ringing, I'll make her a Bell Shaped cake. It will be easy!'

It wasn't.

It turned out really well though, and people were impressed with it, but I think Doug was ready to throttle me, as Saturday morning I was nearly in tears because it hadn't gone as I wanted it too, and I'd convinced myself it looked awful. Fortunately by the time I got to the party, I'd got some perspective, and realised it actually looked good, and wasn't too upset over one of the letter getting broken and changing LXX to LXY.

From Mum's Birthday
From Mum's Birthday

It was wonderful seeing everybody again. I don't get to see my cousins nearly enough - especially now we've all got babies and jobs and grown-up things like that. I did however extract a lot of promises from people to come and visit us. AND I WILL HOLD YOU ALL TO THEM! ;-)

Anyway more photos here -
Mum's Birthday
as I have run and pick Hannah and Rebecca up from pre-school.
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From iPhone Photos

Yesterday, when we went to pick Owen and Cullyn up from school, Hannah and Rebecca held hands and sang all the way there and all the way back. I have no adequate words for how cute this was.
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So Cullyn brought home a booklet from school - one of these Help your Child to Read (cos if you don't do this you're a shitty parent) and please make use of this voucher to buy one of our fine products (50p off if you spend £50) things.

Page 7 read thus

Let boys be boys and girls be girls

Until the day your daughter expresses an interest in rocket science or your son gets into show jumping, you won't go far wrong if you try them out with these kinds of books...

  • ...enjoy books about their interests - especially dinosaurs!
  • books that are a bit scary, funny or have silly jokes.
  • ...often have a shorter attention span, so books you can dip in and out of may work better for them. Try comic strip books and non fiction.
  • ...prefer big, bold, colourful illustrations or things that can be moved or touched.
  • reading to have a purpose, for example books that show you how to make things.

  • ...enjoy series of books about the same characters.
  • to listen to talking books and watch DVDs of favourite books.
  • ...enjoy a bit of fantasy, magic and make believe - princesses, castles, etc. like sparkle and glitter on the pages.
  • enjoy books that have props with them - dolls, soft toys, dressing-up clothes.


    I will of course be complaining to the school, and to the fuckhead at the local education authority who thought it would a good idea to send this crap out, so any suggestions for good turns of phrases will be gratefully received.

    I need a feminist rage icon.


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