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Someone woobiefied Sterling.

Complete with abusive family and traumatic rape.

(Oh and he's married to a male investigator in NCIS. You know the one where Eliot's cousin Abby works. Yes that Abby.)

(OK, I've seen Nat in peril, Hardison in peril, Parker in peril, shed loads of Eliot in peril and now Sterling in peril. Is there any Sophie in peril?)
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I'm of to bed with a viral infection, so I leave you with these -

| | | |

* Ahem &

ETA They're all stealable with credit.

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So I have committed communities. Three of them. [community profile] earworm, [community profile] dreamfic and [community profile] breastfeeding.

(Yep, that's a community for Dreamwidth fanfiction). ;-)

List of Communities on the Dreamwidth wiki

[site community profile] dw_community_promo is worth friending to keep track of new communities.

I want to totally re-write my bio on my profile, but everything I try to write sounds pretentious or humourless. The sad thing is I think if I had been reading it in someone else's page, I would have thought it fine.

Will have to have another bash at it tomorrow.

Have been pretty amazed at how quickly Amazon Rank fail has spread over my Reading Circle and Friends List. On my FL I had six posts in a row on it, including a post in a Torchwood comm.

*Well it wasn't like I spent all day in front of the computer, it's just I wrote the text of the post this morning, decided I needed a Hardison** icon, and only managed to finish over twelve hours later.

** OK Parker stole invite codes, Hardison submitted bug fixes and Eliot joined [community profile] omnomnom *cough* *cough*
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I may have committed a Leverage/Dreamwidth crossover.

And it's not even the first...


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