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Firstly, thank you so much! No matter what you write, the fact that you have written me fic in one of these fandoms? Means that I will love it no matter what.

Generally I'm good with most things and even things that I say that I don't like I have a couple of stories of that ilk that I absolutely love.

I love crossovers, women being awesome (and anything that rebalances the fact that the stories are always about the men), crack, humour, angst, gen, slash, het, femslash, threesomes, polyfic, behind the scenes, teams as family and common people fic.

I don't like rape and dub con, (although I'm up for clearly negotiated consent play) and I'm iffy on incest. I don't like unremitting doom although I quite like apocalyptic fic, which is probably not that helpful to you. ;-) And please no character bashing especially of female characters.

Anyway onto my fandoms.

Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor

I'm fairly confident you won't be familiar with this fandom, but do have a look at it because there is so much room to play here.

Spider is an iPhone/iPod/iPad game by Tiger Aspect where no one really knows what the plot is except the developers, and they have stated clearly that they're not going to tell us one way or the other. The best we can do it piece together the clues and make our own stories. All we know is it was terribly sad. The walkthrough here - Gamezebo Walkthrough should give you everything you need to know.

I love how detached the Spider is from the human drama, does she understand any of it? Maybe it's all meaningless to her, or maybe she understands all too well. Maybe she's seen it all before, or she saw something that we missed. Did BY go with CK on his collecting trips? Did they understand what was happening between their sons? How did L Stewart know the Bryces? Why did she marry R? (Did she marry R?) Did she love N? Who was she apart from another bone of contention between the brothers? Where was she by the time the spider started filling the house with cobwebs? I'm not wedded to any particular interpretation of the clues, so feel free to run wild.

Great British Bake Off RPF

I worship Mary. I adore Sue and Mel, and I want a Cathryn for my very own. Give me the GBBO team saving the world through baking or maybe crossover a fandom with the GBBO lot. (Please no fusions, it's the people and the set up I love)

Of this years competitors, I really didn't like Victoria or James, but I really loved Brendan, Ryan, John, Sarah Jane and Danny. (I love Danny, nearly as much as I love Cathryn) I love the way Mary and Paul work together, balancing and countering each other. But I think it's the way Sue and Mel bolster and encourage the competitors that make it for me. You can believe that everyone has become friends, and Sue and Mel really, really want everyone to do well.

"I can't serve Mary Berry green carpet!"

Snow White and the Huntsman

I want to know how Snow survived the years in the tower, I want to know how she survived the years after her coronation. I want to know more about Ravenna, when was the girl she was irrevocably corrupted? How did her power grow? SO MANY THINGS I WANT TO KNOW.

I'm happy with gen fic or shippy fic (Snow White/Huntsman or Snow White/Huntsman/William, so long as Snow is front and centre of the fic and interacts with other women)

Tell me any story you want I will be happy.

Olympic Opening Ceremony (2012)

I loved the opening ceremonies, so so much. I love their Britishness, the sly in-jokes that you really had to have lived through to get. (Poor Michael Fish, that fucking hurricane is going to be on his headstone)

I loved the shock of the change from the pastoral to the industrial, and the drama of the drummers. The Queen rules all. And lost phone girl and boy were totally adorable)

Meta, humour, crack whatever you want to go with, so long it celebrates the joy you're golden.

I don't really have anything else to add to my optional details, Britishness, eccentricity, joy and 100 foot Voldermorts being driven off be a squadron of Mary Poppins and the welfare state. All of these, none of these - have at it!
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I just posted my Yuletide fic. An hour past the deadline, (I think, I got a bit confused with the time zones) but it's up. I hate it, and it's awful and my recipient will probably hate it, BUT IT'S UP. I DIDN'T DEFAULT!

ETA Um, I was so excited at not defaulting, (seriously, about three hours ago at 11pm, and we had guests over for Dinner, I was convinced I was going to default) I forgot to say that I really, really need someone to beta my fic as it's the unbeta'd draft I've uploaded. It's mainly spelling, grammar and punctuation I need going over - (I'm not saying my story's perfect and wouldn't benefit for refining, but at this stage I think it is what it is). It's about 1400 words long, so if anyone would have a few moments spare to go over it for me, I'd be really grateful.

ETA2 Um, if anyone does reply able to beta, it might be a few hours before I get back to you because I'm going to bed now. *Falls over*


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