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I wrote this for my sister, but am posting it for someone on LJ.

Joby Gorilla Cam (Free) Swap the camera app that comes with the iPhone with this one. (I've moved the camera app to the back page) It's far, far better.

WeatherPro, (£2.39 I think it was .59 when I got it) Much more detailed than the standard app that comes with the iPhone. You can set favourite locations, and you can pay for more content.

Flashlight (Free) Everyone mocks this one, but you will be so glad you've got it.

Concise English Dictionary (£0.59) As it says on the tin. It looks like there have been some new ones come out since I installed this so you might want to check out the reviews for them.

iMensies (£1.19 [on sale]) Really good for predicting when you're ovulating and when your period is due.

Remember the Milk - (Free) This app is free, but you have to subscribe to their service. It's good, and I like it, but you may find better to do list organiser out there for less.

Google Earth (Free) Because it's Google Earth

(The next two are learn Welsh apps, if you're interested let me know)

Measures - Unit and Currency Converter (£0.59) As it says on the tin, very nifty.

RouteBuddy Atlas (Free) Comes with three maps pre-installed, but you can also buy OS maps through the RouteBuddy website to install on your iPhone. You can access these maps, whether you have a signal or not. (Google maps etc. need you to have signal to see the maps)

Shazam - (Free) Also comes in a faster better paid version. Tells you what music you're listening to. AMAZING

Stanza - (Free) Ebook reader. You can down load from various online catalouges, including most of L.M. Mongomery's works (Including her numerous short stories.) If you install Stanza Desktop (Also free) you an upload ebooks from your PC too. Can read most non-drm formats, (And some drm formats!)

Facebook (Free) Essential. If only you could play Farmville through it... ;-)

eBay (Free) Dangerous. Makes you spend money. ;-) (Actually v. good).

Last.FM (Free) Stream and discover new music. (Really good if a couple of your friends with similar taste are signed up as it helps you find new-to-you music)

Spotify (Free) App is free but you need a premium account to use it. (£9.99 a month) Once you a have premium account though you can play music offline.


Skype (Free) Skype for the iPhone. IM works even over GPRS (ie not 3G or Edge)

iHandy Level (Free) Spirit Level. Surprisingly Useful.

RedLaser (£1.19) Scans barcodes and then searches google for the same product for price checking. Also can export data in an email which can then be imported in Shelfari/Library Thing and similar services.

Decibel (£0.59) Decibel meter. As it says on the tin

Touchnote Postcards (Free) Upload your photo's and a message, and they're printed as an actual postcard and sent to your recipent. Works really well. (Costs £0.59 per postcard)

Jamie's 20 Minute Recipes (£2.99) As well as illustrated step by step recipes, this apps has video hints & tips, and a shopping list creator. The recipes I've tried so far have been really good.

Dr DOF (£3.99) Depth of Field calculator for Digital SLRs. If you use Digital SLRs invaluable.

Best Camera (£1.79) I LOVE THIS APP SO MUCH. From the principle that the best camera is the one you have with you. Lets you apply filters to the pictures you take and then upload them to the Best Camera Website, Flickr, Twitter and Facebook. ( My Best Camera Pictures )

Photoshop Mobile (Free) Basic editing for photos. Complement Best Camera

Cloursplash (£1.19) Converts your pictures to black and white, whilst leave chosen elements in colour. ( )

ReelDirector (£4.99) Edit the videos you take on the iPhone ( password redpanda )

Video Uploader (£0.59) Uploads your videos to Vimeo, (video sharing service)

ShoZu (£2.99) Allows to connect to and upload to a myriad of sites - Flickr, Livejournal, Facebook, Twitter, Word Press, Youtube, Photobucket, Picasa, and around fifty more.

(I also tried Pixelpipe, but I couldn't work out how to use it)

Wurdle (£1.19) Like Boggle but better.

reMovem (£1.19) (Also has a free version) Jawbreaker. Really good for a killing a few moments here or there.

Moonlight Mahjong (£0.59) (Also has a lite version) Really nice Mahjong app

Solebon Solitaire (£1.19) (Has a free version called Sol Free Solitaire) Really nice Soliatire App.

Rectangles Maniak (£0.59) (Also has a lite version) Nice puzzle game, where you mark on the rectangles according the the numbered squares*

Fuzzle (£0.59) (Also has free version) Twist on the five in a line puzzles.

Pocket Jigsaw (£0.59) A very playable Jigsaw App. (A lot of the jigsaw apps look nice, but aren't very playable on the iPhone)

Myst (£2.99) (Also has a free version) Fantastic port of the classic game.

Line Up Free (Free) (Also has a paid version) Remove blocks in groups of three or more before they overflow

Ancient Frog (£2.99) (Also has a junior version for £0.59) Made by a friend of my cousins. Graphically beautiful puzzle where you have to manoeuvre a frog into position so he can eat the fly. Really relaxing to play.

Logic Puzzles Volume 2 (£1.19) As it says on the tin. Logic puzzles. (Volume one had a few grammar issues, which is a bit of a problem given the type of puzzles they are.)

Azkend (£2.99) (Also has a lite version) Beautifully realised match three game.

Trivial Pursuit (£2.99) Trivial Pursuit. For the iPhone & iPod touch.

iKoto (£1.19) Koto (A Japanese instrument) emulator. Endorsed by Jay from 5ive!

Koi Pond (£0.59) Feed the fish! Really good for when to want to give your brain a rest. Good ambient noise. Has a sleep timer

Fish Tycoon (£0.59 [on sale]) (Has a lite version) Breed fish for fun and profit. Find the magic fish.

£1.197Goddess Tarot (£1.79) (Has a Lite version) Tarot readings using the Goddess Tarot by Kris Waldherr

Doodle Buddy (Free) Doodle with chalks on pavements, blackboards, paper, walls etc. Doodle over wifi with a friend.

Unblock Me (£0.59) (Also has a free version) Wooden gridlock puzzles

Tetris (£2.99) The one and only.

Wallace & Gromit 1: The W Files (Free) Cute Wallace and Gromit comic with extras. 4 sequels so far which are £0.59 each)

Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor (£1.79) YOU MUST BUY THIS GAME. I'M SCARED OF SPIDERS AND I STILL LOVE THIS GAME. Slightly less CAPLOCKS-Y, the gameplay is fantastic and unique, (and still easy to pick up), the graphics are lovely, and the plot is subtle, haunting one.

Balloons! (£1.79) Take a photo, attach it to a balloon with a message and release. Catch someone else's balloon and write a reply. Far more environmentally friendly than real balloons.

Distant Shore (£0.59) The same, but with bottle on a sea shore and no photos. Ambient music.

Labrynth 2 (£2.99) Guide a ball bearing around a wooden maze, with a few new elements and create you own levels.

Let's Golf! (£1.19) Golf game. Easy to pick up, and good fun.

iOwn (£2.99) Catalogue your possessions.

iBlueSky (£5.99) Mindmapping app

Air Video - Watch Your Video's Anywhere (£1.79) Streams video and converts it live.

Graffito (Free) Write on location based walls to talk to others nearby.

Colloquy (£1.19) IRC Client

Postman (£1.79) Take photos, turn them in postcards, write a message and then email them or upload them to Facebook or twitter.

Palringo Lite (Free) (Also has a paid version) IM Client

Vicinity (£1.79) List amenities in the (wait for it!) vicinity.

File Magnet (£2.99) Transfer and read documents and files to you iPhone.

A few of the apps, I've installed in the past and then taken off for various reasons. (Can't remember if they're free or not)

Cows in Space
Eye Tricks
Galaxies Maniak
Matches Free
Mondo Solitaire
Spore Origins
Stone Loops
Toy Bot Diaries
Virtual Villagers

* Really Bad description

If you own an iPhone or an iPod Touch, what apps do you use and like?

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Date: 2010-01-18 04:41 am (UTC)
sorchar: Sparkly brain (Default)
From: [personal profile] sorchar
I'm playing Zenonia and loving it. I also have a Sudoku app I play a lot, Ghost Radar, Scrabble, Words with Friends Free, Solebon, DocsToGo (I use it to read fic and ebooks)...I have a whole ton of apps that I don't use often, but those are the ones I do.

How much are the Welsh apps? And are they good?

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Date: 2010-01-18 09:09 am (UTC)
lauredhel: two cats sleeping nose to tail, making a perfect circle. (Default)
From: [personal profile] lauredhel
Thanks for the recs. I'm amazed you have that many games and no Bejeweled! (The Blitz version that hooks into facebook is the best bit.)

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Date: 2010-01-19 03:55 pm (UTC)
phosfate: (Default)
From: [personal profile] phosfate
Flashlight is damned handy.

Apps I use constantly: Twitpic, Echofon, Drop7, Puzzlings, PS Mobile, Wikipedia, Polarize, IMDB, The Weather Channel.

Apps I don't use constantly but really like: Wink, Ghost Cam, Warholizer, Towel, 1920s Radio, Physics Free, Geared, Spore Origins

Deleted/Disappointing: Kindle, Travel diary, Pandora, TV Guide, Flixster

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Date: 2010-01-19 03:57 pm (UTC)
phosfate: (Default)
From: [personal profile] phosfate
Oh, and TranslateBritish is supremely unhelpful.

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Date: 2010-01-20 02:32 am (UTC)
amadi: A bouquet of dark purple roses (Default)
From: [personal profile] amadi
My only paid apps are Tweetie 2 ($2.99) and Groceries ($1.99). Everything else I'm running is free, and mostly pedestrian, but...

AirAmerica - News - Mobile interface with the website
AP Mobile - News
AppBox Lite -- this has 10 mini apps in one package, a live currency exchange rate calculator, a days between calculator, a days until calculator, list of international holidays, a clinometer, loan calculator, price comparison calculator, a tip calculator, unit conversions (length, area, pressure, temperature, volume, weight) and an excellent menstrual cycle calendar
Audiobooks Free - just as it says on the tin
Awesome Note Lite - a powerful note organizer, so far the free "lite" version is adequate for my needs
Balance - a simple bank account balance keeper
Battery X - a battery monitor
BigOven - also called 170,000 recipes, and it's exactly that
BBC Reader - News
Brightkite - A social networking location application, interfaces with Twitter and Facebook
Corkboard - I'm not using this a lot yet but it's what it sounds like
De-stress - This is a nice app for taking ten minutes and calming down
Dragon Dictation - Speech recognition for e-mails, etc.
Engadget - Tech News
Epicurious - recipes from the Epicurious website
Evernote - I'm not using this a lot yet, interfaces with the website
Files Lite - Allows transfer of Word processing, spreadsheet and pdf files directly from your computer via wifi
Flickr - Interface with
Foursquare - Another social networking location application which also interfaces with Twitter & Facebook, but this one has a game of sorts involved, you get points for checking in and badges for accumulating certain kinds of points
Free Wifi Finder - self-evident
GasBag - This keeps track of my fill ups and fuel mileage for my car
Google App
Huffington Post - News
IMDb - Interface to the website
Instapaper - This is a "read later" thing, you see a website or link that don't have time to get into, you drop it into Instapaper and check it when you have time. Great for sitting on hold or in waiting rooms, etc.
iTranslate - Fairly powerful language translator, built on the Google translator
MileBug Lite - Keeps track of mileage driven for work (not commuting, but work trips) and to do charity work, for tax purposes
MSNBC - News
MyLite - A flashlight app with much more to it, including strobe lights, roadside help beacon, different colors, etc. Even includes a screen that's an animated .gif of a cigarette lighter with a flickering flame, for rock concerts. :D
NPR News
NYTimes - News
Now Playing - Tells me where and when movies are playing, their ratings on Rotten Tomatoes, DVD releases and can even interface with my Netflix account
Public Radio - Allows access to all the shows on National Public Radio and Public Radio International from all the various NPR/PRI affiliate radio stations across the U.S.
Real Time Congress - This is new, this is an up to the minute reporting of what is happening in the House of Representatives and the Senate
Redbox - A mobile interface of the website for Redbox movie vending machines, so I can see where the nearest machine is, what movies are available and reserve a movie so that it's there when I get to the machine
Scorecenter - Sports news from ESPN
Stanza - Free eBook Reader
Tumblr - A reading and posting interface for - Allows me to watch streaming full episodes of TV shows
Urbanspoon - Finds and shows reviews (and allows me to review) restaurants based on location and type of food. Very nifty.
What's On - TV Listings
Wikipedia - Mobile interface for the website, very nicely done
WordPress - Mobile interface for both blogs and standalone WordPress installations on personal websites
Yowza!! - A mobile coupon app. So far I haven't used it because it doesn't have coupons for anywhere I've shopped recently but that is looking like it'll change soon. Invented by Greg Grunberg from Heroes!
YumYum - Vegan recipes from the site Vegan

And my games, all also the free versions: Checkers, Crack the Code, Dots (the game we played on paper as kids!), Four in a Row, FreeCell, iBowl, Mancala, Minesweeper, MyTown, reMovem, Shanghai Mahjongg, Toobz, Behind the Music TriviaWhiz, Unblock Me, Words With Friends (Scrabble! Played with people around the world!) and WordSearch.


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