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I've had a post by [personal profile] recessional open in a tab for a couple of weeks, meaning to include it in a linkspam, but hadn't got around to the linkspam. In the mean time she's written more brilliant posts I need to link to. So here, have three posts by [personal profile] recessional.

Hello My Dear

A manifesto for the Sherlock Holmes/John Watson/Mary Morstan threesome. I love because it puts the threesome square in the context of what it means for Mary to be a woman in Victorian England.

Mary Morstan is smart. Mary Morstan is smart enough to see right through Sherlock Holmes' disguise in the hospital. Mary Morstan is also not inclined to take shit passively: Mary Morstan throws wine in Sherlock Holmes' face. She's not particularly shy about what she wants ("I intend to") while still having impeccable manners. She's very caring, and extends that readily - her pursuing Holmes to give his guilt-monster a smack is clearly for his benefit, and is worlds away from what she could rightfully have said in that situation; also cf her POOR PUPPY reaction to Gladstone being used as a guinea pig. We may infer she's self-possessed, given that she tells Holmes he's right about how she came to be wearing her employer's diamonds.

the deep watches of the night

An essay on how the character of Eowyn from the books was sacrificed in the movies for sake of simplicity and relatability.

They do not show this woman, on screen. They do not show a woman so angry, so fey, so completely lost to her own darkness and yet so completely bound by her honour and love for her king and kinsman that she will stand before the Witch-King of Angmar, the right hand of the Dark Lord, and she will laugh.

Irony: Driving Force of the Universe

Something can be ironic, and still be horrific. "It's irony" is, even when true, not actually incompatible with something being bad, wrong, evil, harmful, vicious, nasty, damaging, or any other negative adjective. Irony is like rain, raining alike on the just and unjust.

Go. Read. And then subscribe because she's an awesome writer.

PS It's April in just over an hour, and it's snowing outside. The Black Mountains are currently white. What the hell?


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