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Why are there only two stories on Archive of our Own that have Pepper Potts and Donna Moss tagged in them? There is something wrong with the universe.

*Hi* I'm still alive, I've had a job the past two years that was meant to be 42 hours a week but has mostly worked out to 55/60 hours a week. Next week I start as Assistant Manager at a charity shop and my hours go down to 28 a week. I'm hoping I might actually be able to scrape together a few hours a weeks for things like fandom and crochet. We shall see...
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Sorry you have been working so much. It can be easy to burn out.
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Hello! Lovely to have you back, hope you'll be able to stick around!

Gosh that sounds a horrible amount of hours :(

(for once this icon is appropriate!)
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That's a whole load of hours! Hooray for impending 28-hour weeks.
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Alive is good. And while work is good, work in moderation is much, much better. Welcome back!