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post security: CBT & Sleep Cycle

Went to bed / woke up: 00:29 / 06:38
Total time: 6h 09m

Analysis made by the Sleep Cycle iPhone app.

My sleep graph for the entire night:

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I'm now minus a gall bladder, and struggling to stay awake but everything went fine. (I had hoped to be going home tonight, but they want to keep me in for observation.)

(I was pleasantly surprised to find I have room to myself with an ensuite, due to them repurposing a private suite for NHS patients)
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I'm nil by mouth before my ultrasound, and Doug's in the other room eating pizza, and it smells divine, and I'm really, really hungry, but even if I wasn't nil by mouth, pizza would be a no no right now for me, but I don't care because I am hungry and all I can smell is hot tasty food. And IT"S NOT FAIR!

/wailing and whining.
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Tumblr people, how spoilery is tumblr right now for Doctor Who?

In other news I didn't watch Doctor Who last night due to being ill in bed incapable of watching anything, an it's going to be at least tonight before I'm able to watch it. Fortunately everyone in my dwircle has been pretty good at cutting for spoilers, although I do get the impression everyone enjoyed it.

I'm just really wary of going onto tumblr as I don't think people on there are as good about spoilers - the only thing in it's favour is that I don't follow any specific Doctor Who, just people who are into Doctor Who and I know from LJ/DW so are more likely to be spoiler-etiquette aware. (Only you can't really cut for spoilers on tumblr, and visual ones are more of a risk than written ones and tumblr is so much a visual fandom experience for me.) I follow specific NCIS tumblrs and they are so bad about spoilers, although I'm not so bothered by spoilers for NCIS as I am for Doctor Who.

Well, I have reblogs queued up until Thursday, so my tumblr will stay active even if I avoid the site, and I post my original stuff though Posterous, so that's not a problem.

(I'm also contemplating creating a separate blog for either my original stuff or the stuff I reblog, so that I can put flattr on the Tumblr blog with the original stuff, I don't feel comfortable putting it on a blog with lots of reblogs, but I don't know whether to put the original stuff on the new tumblr or keep it on the old, and reblog on the new. Thoughts from people who use tumblr?)

Also if there's anyone in my dwircle who is on tumblr who I don't already follow, let me know. (My Tumblr is, strangely enough, and my original posts should all be tagged iPhone)
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It started really well, and involved [personal profile] lithiumdoll, [personal profile] doccy, [personal profile] jackiekjono and some dinosaurs. And so was pretty awesome.

Tuesday was a nothing day, neither good nor bad.

Wednesday I went into work and got told they were cutting my hours back to 4 hours a week. Effective immediately. Which complete screws me regarding money and the whole thing where my boss lied about the reason they were cutting my hours. (She said they were doing it because they needed to pay Fran to organise the community day & the openings [both fake opening for the BBC in May, and actually opening in July], only I then found out that Fran's being paid by a grant from the National Lottery) Oh and then I found out that's it's illegal to just cut my hours like that so now I've got to decide if I want to fight it and risk things getting nasty, or leave it and be screwed money wise.

I'm looking for another job, but it's going to be near nigh impossible, seeing as I need it to be within school hours, and I need them to be flexible during the holidays. (There is no way I will be able to earn enough money to pay for childcare for four children).

Thursday was good as it was Welsh, and we sang the National Anthem, and mostly got the pronunciation right.

Saturday was a Quiz Night also known as get struck by excruciating pain, spend a large part of the night led on the floor in the loos, (And may I just heartily thank Kath for keeping the pub loos so spotlessly clean) before getting taken down to Neville Hall by Ambulance Night. What sucks is that my team was in the lead, and if my attack had happened about five minutes later so I could have argued my point about the answer being Wellington, not Nelson (Thank You Georgette Heyer and related fandoms!) we would have won. ;-)

I have a tentative diagnosis of gallstones, will having an ultrasound sometime this week to confirm it, and have Tramadol in case I get another attack.

I've been getting a milder version of this pain since I was fifteen, but stopped seeing Doctors about when I was in my early twenties, due to how dismissive they were. Over the years I'd learnt what foods to avoid, (greasy foods and caffeinated tea for some reason) and the attacks were normally bearable with co-codamol and ibruprofen. For a given value of bearable.

I'm so glad to finally have (tentative!) diagnosis, and a really scared that I'm going to have the ultrasound and they going to say it's not gallstones after all and I'll be back at square one.

And I'm still really bummed about my team coming second. (We lost by two points! TWO POINTS!)


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