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Llanelieu Valley

I went for a short walk with [personal profile] thelovelystick yesterday, where we both tried out our new walking poles. (They're the same poles, after [personal profile] thelovelystick showed the downside to one click ordering on the iPad when I was showing her the new poles I'd bought, and the cancel order button refused to work)

They certainly seem effective for distributing the work more evenly through your body, and hopefully they'll be helpful in the event of another descent down the Hay Bluff, when I had my feet slip out from under me twice, and ended up having to walk through Hay covered in mud.

I'm heading off to work shortly, as my boss phoned me at about 9 o clock last night, asking if I can come in today. Three days paid work instead of two? Of course I can. ;-) (Plus we're currently using the Bazillian Blend coffee instead of the Formula Six, and I've found I like it even more than the Formula Six which I didn't think was possible. So free coffee!)
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Pertinent to my post last night and tangential to [personal profile] shanaqui's post "Prepared to take the consequences (growing up Welsh in England)"

Skep - Security Aberystwyth (Spotify Link) (iTunes Link)

I assume his hands did not slip on the keyboard when typing where in the UK he is.

You could probably put it into google, and be looking right down on his head.
Yeah, right 'cos it's probably just him.

Only the welsh can pronounce welsh names.

We cannot believe how many people told us how to pronounce the unpronounceable...

I'm reminded of when Phil Plait got butthurt because people told him off for making fun of Welsh sign posts.
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So for Three Weeks for Dreamwidth [personal profile] shanaqui is hosting the FONSFAQ for Wales. (The Prompts and Claims post)

As I am learning Welsh, I offered do a basic welsh post, but before doing that I thought it would probably be helpful to do a guide to pronunciation, given that seems to be one of the things people find scariest about welsh.

Welsh has a different alphabet to English, it has letters that English doesn't (ch, dd etc) and a lot of of the letters that look the same are pronounced differently. (ie u & w). Bwrw, gŵr and sgwd are a lot easier to say when you don't try to pronounce w as in the english alphabet. (In Welsh w is a vowel)

The emphasis also falls in a different place. In any word with two or more syllables the emphasis falls on the penultimate syllable. For instance -

Caer¦gu¦bi (Because the emphasis falls on the gu, the u is pronounced differently to how it is normally. More as the u in cup is pronounced).

A circumflex (ˆ) on a vowel means you lengthen the sound.

a - mam - as in apple
b - mab
c - car - hard as in cat and cot, not soft as in cereal and celery
ch - chi - as in loch
d - da
dd - dda - th as in the and leather
e - de - open as in men, but not delight
f - saf - v as veil
ff - saff - as in difference
g - gan - always a hard g as in got, not giraffe
ng - ng - as in sing
h - hon
i - ci - as ink or ee in seek, not time
j - garej
l - lan
ll - lle - My text book says “prepare to say l, then blow really hard making a sound like a dentist’s suction pipe, blowing out!” this may or may not be useful to you
m - man
n - ni
o - to, toc as in order and floor, not open
p - pen
ph - phen - as in physics
r - car - as in English but more rolling
rh - rhif - start saying the r and then say the h over it
s - saff - as in English. However si (as in siop) is always pronounced sh unless it is the word si in which case it is pronounced sea
t - ti
th - beth - as in things.
u - un - as in tree, so that pump (welsh for five) is pronounced pimp
w - pwll - as in blue and pool
y - dyn - as in bean
-- - llyn - as in pin
-- - Cymru - as in cup

ch, dd, ff, ng, ll, ph, rh, and th are one letter in welsh. Which is important if you ever do a welsh crossword.


Mar. 4th, 2011 02:20 pm
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Yes 423,124 No 242,182 Target 402,594 19/22 Announced

This was despite the no campaign's dodgy tricks.

(Monmouth was the only county to vote no.)
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So I grew up thinking that this was a word everybody knew irrespective of whether they were welsh or not, but seeing as I've now had a fourth person who's just recently* moved to Wales ask me what an eisteddfod is, I'm not so sure. So any excuse for a DW poll hey?

Poll #5709 Eisteddfodau
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 65

I know what Eisteddfod means

View Answers

25 (39.1%)

6 (9.4%)

33 (51.6%)

Dude, they awarded me the bardic chair in Blaenau Gwent last year.
0 (0.0%)

I speak welsh

View Answers

0 (0.0%)

2 (4.4%)

I understand a bit
12 (26.7%)

I was once able to count to ten
21 (46.7%)

Dim o gwbl
10 (22.2%)

I live (or have lived)

View Answers

In Wales
6 (9.4%)

4 (6.2%)

On the Welsh/English Border
1 (1.6%)

21 (32.8%)

Elsewhere in the United Kingdom
10 (15.6%)

10 (15.6%)

0 (0.0%)

Elsewhere in the world
41 (64.1%)

It's illegal not to include this question now isn't it?

View Answers

Blwch ticio
20 (35.7%)

Ticky box
28 (50.0%)

This box wants to be a radio button
19 (33.9%)

This one wishes it were multiple choice
13 (23.2%)

The best thing about the Bristol Eisteddfod was that three years running I got to hit Sarah Jones with a foam-stuffed sock truncheon. (We were friends in that 'we'd hate each other but there's no one else to be friends with' way.)

Please feel free to link to your friends as I'd love to get as many people answering as possible.

Yno, cynhaliwyd ymryson, a gwahoddwyd beirdd a cherddorion o bob cwr o'r wlad i gystadlu yn erbyn ei gilydd.

* recently, as in within the last couple of years. ie more recently than me.
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I went down to Merthyr today.

It was a beautiful April morning. The Mountains were looking, um... white? ...

WTF April?

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