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Town Hall Sunset

I'm trying to get back into the habit of posting at least one iPhone photo a day to again, which then auto posts out to Tumblr, Flickr, Facebook etc, but I can't work out a way of automating the posting to DW. (If I was still on LJ, not a problem, but I'm not so I can't) And it's really frustrating because I feel like there should be a way to do it, I just don't have the technical know how to do it.

In other things that are frustrating, Posterous and Tumblr not having decent iPad apps. Particularly Tumblr. I've just fallen back into Tumblr after a long time away, and after a day of being back on it, my queue is already back up to Wednesday next week. Only I can't find an app on the iPad that lets me queue posts, and since my Mac Book Pro finally died, my iPad is my primary internet tool, and it's been nice not having to fight Doug for the iMac.

(And I would sell my soul for a decent Dreamwidth iPad app)
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I've been playing a lot in the last few days with the myriad photo editing apps I have on my iPhone. (A slightly embarrassing total of 33 apps I've categorised as Photography apps and a further 12 Arty apps) and today made a whole load of icons. I don't yet have an app which will allow me to dictate dimensions of 100px by 100px, so I upload the icon to flickr where I can either link the 100 x 100 thumbnail for uploading via URL or embed the thumbnail as below. (The very first icon that I fully screencapped, edited, & uploaded onto DW using my iPhone and the McDonalds wifi was my Amy one) Anyway, these are all free for the taking so long as you credit me. Apps used include - Camera+ [Which is currently my favourite, but for some reason is only available in the US store ATM], PictureShow, Plastic Bullet, and Percolator.


Sunflower Flowers 10 Flowers 15

38 flower icons, The Second Severn Crossing, and a phone box )


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