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Town Hall Sunset

I'm trying to get back into the habit of posting at least one iPhone photo a day to again, which then auto posts out to Tumblr, Flickr, Facebook etc, but I can't work out a way of automating the posting to DW. (If I was still on LJ, not a problem, but I'm not so I can't) And it's really frustrating because I feel like there should be a way to do it, I just don't have the technical know how to do it.

In other things that are frustrating, Posterous and Tumblr not having decent iPad apps. Particularly Tumblr. I've just fallen back into Tumblr after a long time away, and after a day of being back on it, my queue is already back up to Wednesday next week. Only I can't find an app on the iPad that lets me queue posts, and since my Mac Book Pro finally died, my iPad is my primary internet tool, and it's been nice not having to fight Doug for the iMac.

(And I would sell my soul for a decent Dreamwidth iPad app)
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Tumblr people, how spoilery is tumblr right now for Doctor Who?

In other news I didn't watch Doctor Who last night due to being ill in bed incapable of watching anything, an it's going to be at least tonight before I'm able to watch it. Fortunately everyone in my dwircle has been pretty good at cutting for spoilers, although I do get the impression everyone enjoyed it.

I'm just really wary of going onto tumblr as I don't think people on there are as good about spoilers - the only thing in it's favour is that I don't follow any specific Doctor Who, just people who are into Doctor Who and I know from LJ/DW so are more likely to be spoiler-etiquette aware. (Only you can't really cut for spoilers on tumblr, and visual ones are more of a risk than written ones and tumblr is so much a visual fandom experience for me.) I follow specific NCIS tumblrs and they are so bad about spoilers, although I'm not so bothered by spoilers for NCIS as I am for Doctor Who.

Well, I have reblogs queued up until Thursday, so my tumblr will stay active even if I avoid the site, and I post my original stuff though Posterous, so that's not a problem.

(I'm also contemplating creating a separate blog for either my original stuff or the stuff I reblog, so that I can put flattr on the Tumblr blog with the original stuff, I don't feel comfortable putting it on a blog with lots of reblogs, but I don't know whether to put the original stuff on the new tumblr or keep it on the old, and reblog on the new. Thoughts from people who use tumblr?)

Also if there's anyone in my dwircle who is on tumblr who I don't already follow, let me know. (My Tumblr is, strangely enough, and my original posts should all be tagged iPhone)


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