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We've just started selling locally made Ice Creams in the Café, and they're so gorgeous.

We had our second order in yesterday - double our first one - and it's now taking up two shelves in the freezer. I was just finishing putting them away whe Fi came up.

Fi: You know, it would probably be a good idea to put the flavours in alphabetical order.
Me: They are in alphabetical order.
Fi: You scare me sometimes.
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post security: CBT & Sleep Cycle

Went to bed / woke up: 00:29 / 06:38
Total time: 6h 09m

Analysis made by the Sleep Cycle iPhone app.

My sleep graph for the entire night:

Phone Box

Mar. 16th, 2012 08:48 am
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Phone Box

Another photo I ran through the Autopainter app. There are three decommissioned red phone boxes in Talgarth. One of them, my friend bought from BT for £1, restored it, and it's now a Tourist Information Booth. (It's not the Phone Box in the photo, that's a another one)
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Daniel Mill

This is an old photo from I trip I went on last June with the Talgarth Mill volunteers. It's a pretty cool mill - it has the largest wheel in England (UK as well?), but OMG the tour guide's spiel was full of misogynistic crap. I'm used to trying to hide when I've taken offence, because well apparently I'm making a fuss about nothing? But everybody in that group was jaw dropped in amazement at the shit coming out of that guys mouth.
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Llanelieu Valley

I went for a short walk with [personal profile] thelovelystick yesterday, where we both tried out our new walking poles. (They're the same poles, after [personal profile] thelovelystick showed the downside to one click ordering on the iPad when I was showing her the new poles I'd bought, and the cancel order button refused to work)

They certainly seem effective for distributing the work more evenly through your body, and hopefully they'll be helpful in the event of another descent down the Hay Bluff, when I had my feet slip out from under me twice, and ended up having to walk through Hay covered in mud.

I'm heading off to work shortly, as my boss phoned me at about 9 o clock last night, asking if I can come in today. Three days paid work instead of two? Of course I can. ;-) (Plus we're currently using the Bazillian Blend coffee instead of the Formula Six, and I've found I like it even more than the Formula Six which I didn't think was possible. So free coffee!)
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Town Hall Sunset

I'm trying to get back into the habit of posting at least one iPhone photo a day to again, which then auto posts out to Tumblr, Flickr, Facebook etc, but I can't work out a way of automating the posting to DW. (If I was still on LJ, not a problem, but I'm not so I can't) And it's really frustrating because I feel like there should be a way to do it, I just don't have the technical know how to do it.

In other things that are frustrating, Posterous and Tumblr not having decent iPad apps. Particularly Tumblr. I've just fallen back into Tumblr after a long time away, and after a day of being back on it, my queue is already back up to Wednesday next week. Only I can't find an app on the iPad that lets me queue posts, and since my Mac Book Pro finally died, my iPad is my primary internet tool, and it's been nice not having to fight Doug for the iMac.

(And I would sell my soul for a decent Dreamwidth iPad app)
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Wales Millennium Centre turns down Frankie Bolye Booking

"A spokeswoman said: “Wales Millennium Centre prides itself on its accessibility policies and is home to the Touch Trust, a charity which provides arts activities to people of all ages with the most profound disabilities.

“In the light of this, and after careful consideration, the centre made a programming decision not to take this booking at that particular time."

He is a vile, vile man.
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I'm now minus a gall bladder, and struggling to stay awake but everything went fine. (I had hoped to be going home tonight, but they want to keep me in for observation.)

(I was pleasantly surprised to find I have room to myself with an ensuite, due to them repurposing a private suite for NHS patients)


Dec. 27th, 2011 10:56 am
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Mum just wandered into the kitchen where Doug and I were gazing at the TV in horror at the ancient fashions in the old movie that was playing.

"Oh, is that The Kings Speech?"

The movie was King Ralph.
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I just posted my Yuletide fic. An hour past the deadline, (I think, I got a bit confused with the time zones) but it's up. I hate it, and it's awful and my recipient will probably hate it, BUT IT'S UP. I DIDN'T DEFAULT!

ETA Um, I was so excited at not defaulting, (seriously, about three hours ago at 11pm, and we had guests over for Dinner, I was convinced I was going to default) I forgot to say that I really, really need someone to beta my fic as it's the unbeta'd draft I've uploaded. It's mainly spelling, grammar and punctuation I need going over - (I'm not saying my story's perfect and wouldn't benefit for refining, but at this stage I think it is what it is). It's about 1400 words long, so if anyone would have a few moments spare to go over it for me, I'd be really grateful.

ETA2 Um, if anyone does reply able to beta, it might be a few hours before I get back to you because I'm going to bed now. *Falls over*
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What are you using for fleas? We used to use Frontline, but ever since it stopped being sold exclusively in vets, we've found it's not as effective.

And it's not so much for the cats, who really don't seem that bothered by them, but for Doug and Rebecca who are allergic to the bites and are currently covered in welts. We're vacuuming as often as possible, and are treating soft furnishings etc, but when the cats keep on getting reinfected, it's all a bit pointless.
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I'm spending the day wrapping the kids Christmas presents, which as you might imagine having four kids, there are a lot of.

To make the day a bit more bearable I play a Spotify list of Christmas music at obnoxious levels. I've made it a collaborative list and would be grateful if anyone who has Spotify would add their favourite Christmas (or festive winter) music. Aside from Death, Thrash and Heavy Metal I'm happy with any Genre, and cheesy music is fine too. Non-English languages would be welcome, as I already have some Welsh Language Christmas music on there. (And if you want to here more I also have a playlist of Welsh Language Christmas Songs)

Favourite Christmas Music
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So half an hour before the announcement, I was hanging out in the UK Glitches, chatting about how I was disappointed that three/four weeks I was unable to get on Glitch there hadn't been any big changes. But hopefully it means they're working on some cool stuff that will be revealed shortly.

Then Blanky posts to the forum and everyone's pointing their fingers at me going - your fault, your fault. ;-)

I'm actually pretty excited about it. I can live with a reset if that happens, (although I am glad it's unlikely) but I'm really looking forward to the housing chages.

Also, I'm pretty happy about what it says about Tiny Speck as a company, I've said to other people that there many similarities between Dreamwidth and Tiny Speck, (given to differences in their actual businesses), and their commitment to transparency is one of them.

Plus double the credits means a total spending spree in the wardrobe!
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Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor, Glitch, QI RPF and Uncharted )
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Intent is not fucking magical.

That is all.

OK I admit it, I read the comments
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So I managed to convert my friend into a slasher without even trying.

She's just started watching Merlin, (which I don't watch, but have picked up enough via fannish osmosis to chat to her about it) and whilst talking to her the other night I made a facetious comment about whether Arthur and Merlin were shagging yet, and the following conversation ensued -

How to broaden someone's horizons without really trying )

She had now joined Dreamwidth and Livejournal with the intention of following some comms and fan artists, (and I'm determined to get her into fic eventually!) but I have no idea about either a) Merlin fandom, b) Fan Art and Fan Artists, and c) Merlin Fan Art in particular (of the slashy variety)

So can anyone give me recs for fan art, fan artists to follow and comms to join, either on Livejournal or Dreamwidth? Also any fan vids as I'm determined to get her into vids too. Any help for a complete fandom newbie would be very much appreciated
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Every Christmas we use a Numbers spreadsheet to keep track of presents, cards and food that we have bought or need to buy or send, and where we are on our budget.

We want to both be able to access it and edit it, preferably through both the iMac and our mobile devices (iPod Touch for Doug and iPad 2 for me), but if Doug can only get at it through the iMac, so long as I can get at it through my iPad that's fine.

This doesn't seem like an unreasonable want, yet so far I can't find a way for us both to be able to edit the same document, whilst keeping it mobile. I can publish it to iWork, but Doug can only annotate it, not edit.

Any suggestions?
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I have one invite three invites left for Glitch, does anyone want it? (See my previous post for reasons why you might want to join).

As I only have the one, please only ask if you really think you're going to play. (Obviously if you take it and don't get on with it, no harm no foul. ;-) )

Comments are screened so you can safely leave your email address for me to send the invite to.
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First ten people to comment (comments screened) with their address and then repost this meme in their own blogs will get a snail mail letter.

Obviously I'm not in the US, so to fulfil the intent of the meme I'm saying that I'll send letters/postcards to the first ten replies from US addresses and the first ten replies from non-US addresses.

Doctor Who

Sep. 10th, 2011 07:55 pm
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I think I really dislike this episode.


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