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I have finally seen Inception.

I have to say I enjoyed it. I was a bit worried as my fannish circles seem to have been pretty divided on it, but I did like it. I have issues with a few things, and there were a couple of moments when I wasn't paying attention because I was looking at the film making, (fandom, I blame this newly acquired habit on you) but I did really enjoy it. spoilery, although it won't make any sense unless you've seen the film )

I can see why Arthur/Eames is so popular as well. Before I'd seen it, I'd read a few complaints from non-shippers that they barely had any interaction, so I'd gone in with low expectations, but what interaction they did have was the type parts of fandom would eat up with a spoon. I have a feeling that that might sound disparaging, it's not meant to. I can actually see the attraction of the pairing, I just have more interest in moar spoilery stuff ) Fortunately, I have been led to believe, that Inception might have, just might have exploded as a fandom in terms of output, so with any luck, these stories have been written several times over.

I watch Inception at Flix in the Stix, which is a monthly film shown on a portable screen in the town hall. (I watched Made in Dagenham there, because it's only chance I get at the moment to watch films on the big screen)

I'm coming to be very fond of Flix in the Stix, the Town hall is set up with rows of chairs in the back half of the hall, and tables and chairs in the front half, wine is sold, along with tea, coffee, toffee popcorn and other sweets. And it's all rather cosy, only there's a much bigger screen than you get at home.

Flix in the Stix


Quite often, I've stayed on a bit to give Wendy and the others a hand putting away tables and chairs*, but tonight I stayed on a bit longer and helped take down the screen, which having had a very generous glass of red wine, I started musing on the nature of the film we'd just watched (creating and destroying realities) and the fact we were taking a apart the reality created on the screen for a couple of hours. I think what reinforced it was the action of folding the frame of the screen, very much echoed the fold Paris scene. Very headbendy.

*I don't know why helping to take down the cinema I've just watched a film at makes me enjoy it more, but it does.


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