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Text ganked from [personal profile] jmtorres

So! [personal profile] ysobel is seeking a roommate, for FREE RENT. Here's the deal--she is disabled, uses a wheelchair, has described her condition in more detail here, and (this is the key part) cannot get in and out of bed by herself. She has aides who regularly put her to bed and get her up in the morning, but she needs a roommate to live with her so that in the event of emergency, flood, fire, zombies, what have you, they could get her out of bed and into her chair and out the door. So she is offering FREE RENT for being on call to help her out of bed in the event of midnight emergency. (I have put her to bed while visiting her, and I have no special training, it's easy enough to do with just [personal profile] ysobel's instruction. She uses a mechanized lift harness thing, so there's no heavy lifting involved on her assistant's part. She actually sleeps with the harness unhooked but still in place, so Emergency Get Out Get Out Get Out! would probably consist of hook harness up to lift, swing her over to her chair, unhook, buckle her seatbelt, and off she goes.)

[personal profile] ysobel lives in Davis, CA. She prefers a female roommate. If you know anyone in the area or soon to be moving to the area who would like a place to live for FREE RENT in exchange for In Case of Emergency services, please get in touch! If you don't know anybody, please ask anyone who might!

[personal profile] ysobel's post with contact info.

ETA [personal profile] ysobel/[ profile] isabeau was about the sixth person I friended on LJ back in 2002, via the old magic interests search, and she's really good people, so please boost this signal far and wide.


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